Today was one of those Arthur Dent-esque, stayed in pajamas, worked from bed types of days. Other people call such days Thursdays, but this was a weird Thursday even for me.

I went to bed at 1:30 on Halloween night, after thinking about it for an hour and a half, then was up at six-thirty. I’d finished most of work for the day by nine, but was feeling tired and sick, so went back to bed, waking again around noon. Checked in with work again, had lunch, had tea, nibbled on pumpkin seeds, looked outside and saw that it was gray. November should be gray, I think.

I tried to write for another three hours, largely unsuccessfully, because I couldn’t focus. I researched the article I thought I was going to write, then, once Fuzzy was up (he’s been working 1-ish in the afternoon to 8-ish in the morning all week because of odd maintenance windows), retreated to bed, where the magic pillows gave me the ability to write once more. Finished the article. Vegged out for an hour and a half. Took a shower, washed and deep-conditioned my hair. The water is no longer running pink, but the soap lather is pink when I shampoo, faintly. Then, because I wanted to soak away the shoulder tension, I took a bubble bath. I meant to read but ended up just lounging. Note: baths are not as relaxing when a small dog is sitting on the tub-step staring at you.

Cat-napped for another hour, ordered pizza and read fanfic while waiting for it, then watched Smallville with Fuzzy. Came back to the bedroom when he went back to work, and am still sitting in here now, with two small dogs, a billion pillows, and tivo’d ER.

Tomorrow will be Friday.
I might actually put real clothes on.

If I don’t still feel icky.