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Fuzzy, I realize you don’t often have time to read blogs, even mine, but I hope you read this because I desperately want – no, NEED – a jewelry box. Christmas is coming in just under two months. Marking the occasion with a jewelry box would not be out of place.

When I was nine, I saved all summer and bought my mother a jewelry box with drawers and a ring-holder section and red velvet linings, and she’s still using it. I like that box, but I’m not into white embossed exteriors, I prefer dark wood, clean lines. Velvet’s essential, but it doesn’t have to be read.

Now, most of my jewelry is just funky costume stuff, but I do have a few really good pieces. I mean, I don’t have a Audemars Piguet watch – mine are merely from Fossil – but I have some semi-precious stone necklaces from Lucia at Faire, and some pieces from a livejournal friend who does amazing work, and right now they’re all in a tangle in the central drawer of my dresser, which, while lined in velvet, isn’t really meant to hold a jewelry collection, just one or two pieces. A hand mirror, perhaps, and a comb. Stuff like that.

So, I need a jewelry box.

For that matter, I really want a couple more of these red leather stationery boxes from the bookstore, because they’d be great for storing my growing collection of perfumes…

Someone make Fuzzy read this, please.

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