Sounds of Saturn

No, it’s not a pastiche of a Simon and Garfunkel song. Rather, it’s something I got from KRADICAL at LiveJournal.

The Cassini probe of Saturn has been recording radio emissions from Saturn, which appear to be from auroral activity around the poles. The wonderful folks at the JPL have taken the radio emissions, time-compressed them, and dropped the frequencies to bring them down into human hearing range.

Click on this link to hear it.

6 thoughts on “Sounds of Saturn

  1. That sounds like it would be so cool to listen to, but when I tried the link all I got was silence!

    Michele sent me by this time to say hi!

  2. That is really cool — thanks for the link! I have saved it so that I can listen to it in a week or so when I get audio working on my laptop (long story, don’t ask!)

    Michele sent me tonight,

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