Medicinal Chocolate

I really shouldn’t be eating cookies, especially not based on the Ghirardelli recipe, which uses 2 stick of butter (for 4 dozen cookies), but after a week of stabbing brain pain, chocolate was the best headache treatment I could come up with.

I actually enjoy the process of baking as much as the end result, especially on days like today: there was a thunder storm outside, the light was soft, Fuzzy was sleeping off a late night of gaming, and the dogs were curled up on the couch. The movie Practical Magic, an old favorite of mine, was playing on cable, so I let it run for background noise, as I stirred (okay, well, as the mixer stirred and I scraped the sides of the bowl), and shaped, and watched the timer.

Ever the queen of multitasking, I was also blogging, and helping my mother tweak her blog, chatting on the phone with family, and doing a bit of writing of my own.

By the time the cookies were done (and you can see them if you scroll down a bit), the last traces of my headache were gone as well.

Chocolate really does cure everything.

One thought on “Medicinal Chocolate

  1. And your mother thanks you for all of the help. She is writing and having fun and has a bestseller coming…she can feel it.
    Thanks to you.
    Now send the rest of the cookies to work with Fuzzy.

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