And with the return of Heroes premier week has begun here at Chez Meliss. Without spoilers, I’ll say that Hiro’s arc is going to be vastly entertaining, if a bit predictable, and I’m looking forward to finding out more about Maya and Alejandro.

I also caught Marie Osmond’s foxtrot on Dancing with the Stars, which is not among the shows we generally watch, and I have to say, I didn’t know it was possible to make an sequined gown look frumpy, but somehow she managed it. Also, there comes a point when playing the adorable card ceases to work. She’s reached it. I didn’t see any of the other performances, so this is likely the first and last comment about this show I’ll ever make.

We’re recording the pilot of Journeyman which Fuzzy compared to Quantum Leap but I think is more closely related to Seven Days. It’s on now but I’m not really paying attention to it.

I’m looking forward to new seasons of House and ER, the latter of which I continue to watch mainly because at this point I’ve invested so many hours in it it seems silly to stop. Also, I like Stanley Tucci.

And tomorrow, we might – might – be getting UVerse installed.
(I say “might” because we put in an order under my name, were told it was corrupted, had to cancel it, and reorder under Fuzzy’s name, and then today got a call confirming the original install date. Ah, well, if not tomorrow, next Tuesday.)

And on that note, laundry’s calling.