Thursday 13: 0709.20

Thirteen Things about MISS MELISS
Things that Begin with S

  1. Sailboats: While I’ve only been sailing a few times, I have a great affinity for the romance and wonder of wooden boats. One of my fantasies is to sail as crew. One of my favorite things to do when it is rainy outside is brew strong tea, and curl up with books that chronical sailor’s voyages. My all-time favorite is Tania Aebi’s first book, Maiden Voyage.
  2. San Francisco: Tony Bennett isn’t the only one to leave his heart there. I’ve poked all around the city by the bay, and never once has the city touched me with anything but positive energy. Fuzzy and I had our second kiss in San Francisco.
  3. Sharks: While I learned to like hockey because of the novelty of living within walking distance of the arena where the San Jose Sharks played, it is the animal, not the team, that makes this list. It should be no surprise that I am fascinated by these big fish – after all, I devoted an entire Thursday 13 entry to them during Shark Week 2007.
  4. Side Order of Life: This show premiered on Lifetime TV a couple weeks after Army Wives, which I love, and quickly became one of my favorite shows. Watching it every week is much like a continuing live-action chick-lit novel, and I’m still enjoying it for escapist entertainment.
  5. Siesta: While I’ve never really been a fan of napping, working at home has put me into a pattern of working from morning through mid-afternoon, then breaking for a few hours to rest and read, and then resuming work when the sun is beginning to go down. I’ve always been very nocturnal, but this way, I’ve been able to keep a daytime shift and still indulge in the late nights that I love.
  6. Singing: I started singing when I was little and have barely stopped since. When I’m working, I hum or sing, and when I can’t stare at the computer screen for another second, I get up, blast music, and dance and sing around the living room until I feel energized and my head feels clear.
  7. Skating: I grew up in the seventies and eighties when skating parties at ice and roller rinks were all the rage. Cheap, innocent fun. With music. I prefer ice skating, and have nice skates that I almost never use, because none of my friends skate, and skating alone isn’t fun.
  8. Sky: The stars, the moon, the planets…I love to gaze up at the night sky, and wonder, or dream. When the night is dark enough, I reintroduce myself to the constellations, and one of my favorite things to see is the moon in daylight, because it reminds me of fantasy planetscapes.
  9. Sneakers: I love shoes, especially sandals and boots, and I have quite the collection, but for comfort and happy feet, nothing beats a pair of sneakers. My walking sneakers these days are a pair of white Reebok freestyles, but I’m loving the pink Converse All-Stars Fuzzy gave me for my birthday as well. I once said that I only wanted jobs where I could wear sneakers to work. I have one now.
  10. Starbucks: While they do not have the best coffee in the world, they have brough espresso to almost every neighborhood, which makes me incredibly happy. Also, there’s something to be said for a consistant product. Finally, the folks at my neighborhood Starbucks always compliment my hair.
  11. Sushi: I could eat sushi every day and never get sick of it. Sashimi, sushi rolls, nigiri, I love it all, except the octopus. I can’t stand the texture of octopus, and I don’t like the concept of eating an intelligent creature.
  12. Stationery: I love the texture of paper, the feeling of linen fibers beneath my pen, the colors and styles and engravings that are used to personalize it. In my desk, I have a box just of single sheets of stationery (and envelopes) left over from favorite sets that are otherwise gone. I can never have too much stationery.
  13. Swords: Fuzzy really cemented my love of swords because he collects them, but really, what’s not to love? They’re beautiful, and carry such history, and I like the notion that in order to kill someone with a sword you have to be connected to them, through steel, even if it’s only for a moment.

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Geeks in Paradise

When good friends of ours spent time in the Virgin Islands last year, I have to admit I was more than a little jealous. I mean, I am all about the island vacations. Sun, sand, surf, and sleep are the perfect combinations for me.

Fuzzy, on the other hand, hates the beach, and is afraid of the water, which is why I’m psyched about finding What’s so special about this site? Well, is specializes in renting out St Thomas Villas, and not just any old villas, either, but villas with swimming pools, beach access, and luxury appointments.

In fact, the villa currently being spotlighted, Villa Nicolette, offers an eight-person hot tub, your very own Tiki bar, plasma televisions, computer access, and wifi.

Wifi in paradise: I ask you what more does one need?

What’s really great about these villas, as the website makes clear, is that while the rental fees change depending on how many bedrooms you choose to use, the entire villa is yours. (Presumably, they lock off the unrented bedrooms to save cleaning and laundering.)

Don’t get me wrong, I love hotels. I will always love hotels, but if you’re spending a week at the beach, having your own villa is definitely the way to go.

I bet even Fuzzy would agree.

Moon Shot

Because people asked about the moon picture in my last Wordless Wednesday post:

It was taken from the rolling chair in my living room, looking up at the very top row of windows that form the back wall of my living room. The top of the window is about 18 feet off the floor.

The misty quality is because we have light-filtering screens on all our windows.

The blur is because it’s really difficult to stay perfectly still in a rolling chair.

Thank you all for your favorable comments. I’m still returning visits.

Hotel Stories

I have a friend whom I haven’t seen since before I got married, and whom I still owe a visit. She lives in England, and we used to plan elaborate vacations where I’d stay in one of the best London Hotels and we’d go clubbing and see theatre, because really, what is a trip to London without taking in a show? It just as wrong as visiting New York without spending a couple of hours in a darkened theatre on Broadway.

We recently reconnected through IM and FaceBook, so in case you were wondering if the latter is of any use, it is.

She heard her accent on my answering machine once, and thought she sounded common. I think she’s rather uncommon – baudy, funny, talented – she always made me laugh, and pushed me outside myself.

Writing about her accent reminds me of the time I had to chase down mortgage clients by calling a bunch of Glasgow Hotels, when there was a problem with their loan closing. I finally bribed a concierge by promising to FedEx money for him to take his partner out of a night of pub hopping. Yes, I really sent it, and yes, it was a business expense. And yes, after said concierge tracked down the borrowers in a toney restaurant, the loan did close.

While we’re on the subject of hotels, let’s add Edinburgh Hotels to the mix. I found a mystery novel set in one, picked it up, then put it down without buying it, and now cannot remember what it was, though the description of the story is sort of haunting me.

I like expensive hotels. I like them so much, in fact, that the narrator in my first NANO Novel, Illusions of Motion was named Zoe, after a character in a movie who lived in a hotel and had a famous musician for a father.