Geeks in Paradise

When good friends of ours spent time in the Virgin Islands last year, I have to admit I was more than a little jealous. I mean, I am all about the island vacations. Sun, sand, surf, and sleep are the perfect combinations for me.

Fuzzy, on the other hand, hates the beach, and is afraid of the water, which is why I’m psyched about finding What’s so special about this site? Well, is specializes in renting out St Thomas Villas, and not just any old villas, either, but villas with swimming pools, beach access, and luxury appointments.

In fact, the villa currently being spotlighted, Villa Nicolette, offers an eight-person hot tub, your very own Tiki bar, plasma televisions, computer access, and wifi.

Wifi in paradise: I ask you what more does one need?

What’s really great about these villas, as the website makes clear, is that while the rental fees change depending on how many bedrooms you choose to use, the entire villa is yours. (Presumably, they lock off the unrented bedrooms to save cleaning and laundering.)

Don’t get me wrong, I love hotels. I will always love hotels, but if you’re spending a week at the beach, having your own villa is definitely the way to go.

I bet even Fuzzy would agree.

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