So, You Want a Dog?

In this world, there are cat people and there are dog people, and while we can usually get along with each other, there are some fundamental personality differences. One thing we all have in common, however, is that we love our pets, and we love it when our friends get pets too, so that they can know the pleasures and joys of having small furry creatures running around.

I am a dog person, and one thing that drives me crazy is when people adopt dogs that are completely unsuited for their lifestyles. You do not, for example, buy a shepherd and then keep it in an apartment with nothing to herd. Yes, they can be great pets, but they’re also working dogs who were bred to their jobs. Without a purpose, they can be moody and destructive.

For this reason, I’m a big proponent of researching dog breeds before you ever visit the adoption center, the pound, or the breeder. One new site for this, that presents the information in a friendly manner is Great Dog Site. It’s a new-ish site, still finding its rhythm, but it’s already got a great collection of breed information.

As a Chihuahua owner, and a fan of the breed, one thing I like about the site is that they include the information that Chihuahuas are not toys to be carried, but dogs to be walked, and that they should never be overfed. I’ve heard my vet comment more than once that we have the only Chihuahua in their client list who isn’t overweight. allows users to submit pictures of their own dogs, or suggest additional information for each breed article.

I like the site because the information is well-presented and useful.
My dogs give it two paws up. (Each.)