Happily Ever After…

Once upon a time the hostess with the most-ess went digital. She founded a blog, and created an online persona who is both warm and welcoming, and a little irreverent but always with a twinkle in her virtual eye, and became the center of a vast online community of bloggers who may not all share the same world view, but do share an addiction to her games, questions, and weekend meet-n-greets.

She is Michele, and last week she issued a challenge to her readers: Write a 50-word fairy tale, and then vote on her top three picks. The winner will be featured as her Site of the Day – a feature in which she invites her readership to check out someone else’s blog. If you’ve seen comments that say “Michele sent me” on this or other blogs, you’ve run into her readers.

I’ve been honored. My story is among the three chosen for the vote. Please go here to check out all three, and vote on your favorite.

And tell Michele that MissMeliss sent you :)

Thursday 13: 0709.13

Thirteen Things about MissMeliss, brought to you by the letter R

  1. Rabbits – I’ve always wanted one as a pet, but Fuzzy keeps reminding me that Miss Cleo would view such a creature as lunch. I enjoy watching wild rabbits on the lawn, when I have the opportunity, generally when we visit his family in South Dakota.
  2. Raccoons – Three of them the size of Ewoks raced across our lawn a few weeks ago as we were coming home from CSz. I like raccoons, they’re adorable, and dangerously clever.
  3. Radiators – Central heat is great, and I like my bathroom space heaters, and the baseboard heaters I’ve had, but there’s something really cozy about one of those radiators under the window – you could warm your socks on them, or dry out wet shoes beneath them.
  4. Railroads – We’ve been playing Ticket to Ride a lot, which I enjoy because I’m a railroad buff, thanks to my grandfather who got me hooked on model railroads. I like full-scale railroads, too, however, and have fond memories of my friends and I sitting in the top of the Georgetown Loop caboose.
  5. Rain – No other sort of weather inspires me as much as rain does. I like sunshine in reasonable doses, but rain is my absolute favorite, whether it’s a light, cooling mist, or a heavy downpour, or a whole day of on-and-off rain and clouds, so that I can make soup and turn on the table lamps before evening.
  6. Rattan – I like the texture of rattan rugs, and the casual artiness of rattan furniture. I was once treated to a lesson on the difference between rattan and wicker, but I don’t remember the fine points any more.
  7. Reading – I’ve been a bookworm since dirt, really. I read in the bathroom, the tub, bed, the couch, the car, planes, the back yard, the kitchen table, wherever I happen to be. I also read a very quickly. Right now, I’m reading Bright Lights, Big Ass
  8. Recipes – The first time through, I do exactly what they say. After that, recipes become just a guideline for me. Right now, I’m looking for the perfect butter cookie recipe, one that can be infused with lemon and still be sweet enough as a tea biscuit. Anyone have something that might work?
  9. Rhubarb – Fuzzy’s favorite pie is strawberry rhubarb. I’m allergic to strawberries, but I like the rhubarb part. His sister-in-law makes an amazing rhubarb cobbler.
  10. Ribbons – I’ve had long-ish hair most of my life, so I have a special attachment to hair ribbons, but I also like package ribbons, and decorative ribbons, and I even thread lengths of ribbon through my Christmas tree each year, as filler.
  11. Riddles – brain-teasers, puzzles, guessing games, I love riddles. There’s a dark, quirky movie called Nemesis Game that wasn’t particularly good, but had riddle solving as an important part of the plot, and that, and the fact that it starred Adrian Paul were enough to give me a reason to watch it. I’ve seen worse films. Oh, and riddle me this:

    The poor have it.
    The rich want it.
    God fears it.

    It is more evil than demons.
    If you eat it, you will die.

    What is it?

  12. Roadsters – Nothing appeals to me more than a vintage roadster with the top down, tunes cranked, and the ocean outside the car window. Think Eric Carmen’s “Make Me Lose Control” for cheesy mood music.
  13. Rockets – I love rockets. It doesn’t matter if they’re a NASA project or a back yard model, there’s something just seriously cool about counting down to blast-off.

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