Happily Ever After…

Once upon a time the hostess with the most-ess went digital. She founded a blog, and created an online persona who is both warm and welcoming, and a little irreverent but always with a twinkle in her virtual eye, and became the center of a vast online community of bloggers who may not all share the same world view, but do share an addiction to her games, questions, and weekend meet-n-greets.

She is Michele, and last week she issued a challenge to her readers: Write a 50-word fairy tale, and then vote on her top three picks. The winner will be featured as her Site of the Day – a feature in which she invites her readership to check out someone else’s blog. If you’ve seen comments that say “Michele sent me” on this or other blogs, you’ve run into her readers.

I’ve been honored. My story is among the three chosen for the vote. Please go here to check out all three, and vote on your favorite.

And tell Michele that MissMeliss sent you :)

2 thoughts on “Happily Ever After…

  1. You are very kind. Thank you and hugs…

    Your fifty word fairy tale is simply wonderful. Of course, that should be no surprise for anyone who is a regular reader of your words.

  2. All of the fairy tales were fantastic, but I voted for yours. I loved its literary bent.

    I’m here tonight from Michele’s blog, but I’ve been here before on my own.

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