Monday Music Mambo: Football Day!

  1. The quarterback is the most important player on a football team. He controls the action, and the responsibility for the team’s success is on his shoulders. Which musician is your choice for musical QB?
    It’s completely cheesy, and totally dates me, but I have to say Billy Joel. If you’ve never seen his episode of Inside the Actors Studio, you’ve missed a treat.
  2. What album scores a touchdown for you (i.e. it’s just the best)?
    One of my favorite albums EVER is Barenaked Ladies’ Stunt, but right now I’m really digging the newest offering from Mandy Moore.
  3. What song needs a game ejection?
    There are only two songs that I’ve had intense negative reactions to, and neither are terribly recent. The first was Uncle Kracker’s “Follow Me,” and the second is the Kid Rock/Sheryl Crow duet “I Put Your Picture Away.” It’s the lyrics I have an issue with, especially – the first actually has kind of a kicky melody.
  4. Football is about intense, bone-crushing excitement. What song or artist gives you that same feeling?
    All summer I’ve been listening to this ancient Eric Carmen song “Make Me Lose Control” – it just has that summer sun-sand-surf bonfire on the beach, retro chording sort of feeling. It’s exciting in a nostalgic sort of way. Otherwise, I’m kind of partial to Robbie Williams’s “Let Me Entertain You,” and have been ever since I heard it used in a skating show several years ago.

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  1. I too like the newest Mandy Moore!

    Poetry train, any can join. You post a poem on your blog and link it on Rhian’s blog into that linky thing.

    You can get that link from my page.

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