Just Hit It With a Rock

My head hurts, and I can’t breathe because I completely messed up our bank account. Thought I’d written a bunch of checks from one account, when I’d really written them from the other, and ended up going negative, in a pay period that was already tight because of the mortgage, and having to pay Fuzzy’s work AmEx and not having the reimbursement that covers our cable bill yet, and, and, and….

Sometimes the best think I can think of to do is to find a really good rock and beat my brains to a bloody pulp and then start over, and I just had to ask my mother if she could loan us money for groceries (she hasn’t yet responded).

What I wanted to do is write all weekend, and maybe take little breaks to surf places that sell digital cameras, because I love the one I have but want something small and sexy that I can slip into a purse.

Yeah that rock thing is getting more attractive every second.

One thought on “Just Hit It With a Rock

  1. It’s funny you mention buying a sleek, little camera the same exact day I purchased this little number from Amazon.com

    I’ve always been a fan of the Canon products when it comes to my cameras and this one was just what I was looking for. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money given I already own a digital Rebel, but this will be the perfect secondary camera for vacationing with (my SLR requires me to take too much with me and gets in the way of little things, like enjoying my vacation).

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