Hunger Induced Pathos

When I’m busy, I forget to eat, and then I get cranky and whiny. I don’t like being whiny. One of the reasons I don’t like weight watchers meetings is that every one I’ve been to has been a bunch of people whining about their lives. If I don’t even like to hear MYSELF whine, why would I want to sit in a room with whining strangers?

I am midway through a sandwich. I hadn’t eaten today, as the previous entry makes clear if you know me. The sandwich of the moment is toasted multigrain bread, extra sharp cheddar, tomato, sprouts and mustard. I love mustard, but only the good (read: Grey’s Poupon) kind. Yellow mustard is acceptable only on Boardwalk fries.

Yes, I like mustard on fries.
Except I don’t eat fries any more. When Fuzzy brings home fries, we take turns feeding them to the dogs.

So, anyway, I’m sitting here with my lovely veggie sandwich (crunchy!) and a glass of cranberry juiced mixed with lime Perrier, and I’m feeling slightly better.