Across the U-Verse

We’d been getting email about it for months, but I never really paid much attention, until last Tuesday, when two charming gentlemen knocked at my door to tell me about it: AT&T’s UVERSE.

As an unwilling customer of Time Warner Cable (I say unwilling because we were happy ComCast customers until some trade agreement forced CC and TWC to flip their regions around, and we had no choice but to have TWC or nothing, because satellite in a place where there’s weather seems pretty stupid.), I was pretty excited in anything that was a) not them and b)not satellite. U-Verse is IPTV – television delivered over fiber optics at least to the last mile, and sometimes all the way to the house, depending on the age and infrastructure of your neighborhood.

It’s also internet, at the same downstream speed as TWC (6Mbps) and slightly faster upstream than what we have now (1Mbps), and the bundle we’ve been quoted includes that plus 400 channels including locals, and 4 set-top boxes (STBs) one of which is a DVR that can record up to four standard def shows at once. And did I mention that we get free access to AT&T wifi hotspots? And the installation and first month are free. And because we’re having it installed on a Tuesday, Weds, or Thursday, we get a $50 credit? And that the modem they bring has five ethernet ports and built in wifi, and is made by Motorola and not some funky off-brand?

I mean, yes, it’s new technology. Channel lineups and IR codes for TiVo (we have two) were just released and are a bit buggy (but really, when you can record four shows at once, who cares?), but it’s also way more than we’re getting for $60/month less, and oh, right, I can cancel my paid-for at&t wifi hotspot account which saves us another $40 a month, and since we actually are AT&T customers what with the bundling and stuff we’ll save even more money.

And I can still keep my DSL as backup.

I’m really excited.
And no, this is NOT a sponsored post.

One thought on “Across the U-Verse

  1. We’ve had FIOS for over a year now, and we love it. THe internet part is the best, it NEVER goes down. NEVER, and we have bad weather here. The TV part is good, especially if you have HDTV. The picture is sublime. We just have basic, we didn’t want all the channels, but the picture is amazing and so is the sound quality. We have phone, too. Whole package is way less than cable.

    You’ll love it. Michele says hi.

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