Sunday Night at Eleven

This is how we’re spending Sunday evening:

Zorro is curled on Fuzzy’s pillow, watching me as I type while half-watching television. I put it on to watch Brothers and Sisters and let it run through the news and now Ebert and Roeper. We might get snow next week, we might not. None of the movies being reviewed are interesting me much, except for In the Shadow of the Moon, which will be out on DVD soon if it isn’t already.

MissCleo is devouring a bully ring chewy. This is essentially a bully stick formed into a ring. They last longer than actual bully sticks because she has to create a gap in the ring before she can really go to town on it. She talks to her chewies, growling and warbling. It’s very cute.

Fuzzy is upstairs blasting things on the playstation 3, or playstation 2, or one of the Xboxes. We don’t yet have a Wii. He’s SUPPOSED to be getting rid of the original Xbox since we have a 360 now, but it’s been two months and I’m not holding my breath.

I am curled up in bed, with my laptop, and a pile of books to catalog. I have the receipts for them, but spreadsheets are easier. I need this info for taxes. Since I keep a bookblog, and it’s monetized, any book I buy that I also review is a business expense. If the FLIP video camera that I’m looking at is used to make ads, it can be deducted too. How cool is that>?

Tomorrow will be a day of writing, and since it’s Monday it’s a weight day. I’m still a little sore from Friday – I think I pushed myself too hard.

But the weights make me feel so powerful.

And on that note, goodnight.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Night at Eleven

  1. Yer living in the past, Melissa. Ebert’s been rather quiet of late. He can write but that talking thing isn’t happening–unless his surgery in January restored his ability to talk.

    The weight lifting is interesting. Just how strong are you getting these days?

  2. In the Shadow of the Moon was an awesome movie. The footage of the space flights was really clear, even though it was from the 60s and 70s. Its definitely worth watching!

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