Home Improvement

This post is more for myself than the general public, but it helps me to post it here, so that I have something external forcing some semblance of accountability.

My mother is coming for a week in May. We have a bunch of things that we need to do for the house, which we’ve been putting off until after Zorro’s dental surgery on Friday the fifteenth. The list, so far, includes:

– Flooring:
We need to re-carpet the downstairs hall, upstairs hall, and steps in something dog-proof with little-to-know pile. I don’t want hard floors in those places.
We also need to put cherry laminate in the dining room, so we need a quote for that.
We went to Carpet One earlier today, only to find that they’re closed on Sunday. I’ve been hearing a lot about that directbuy place, where you buy a membership but then get deep discounts. I wonder if they install? I know they sell flooring. There’s a downloadable free pass on their website so we might have to check them out.

– Paint:
Kitchen will be peach. Pale peach.
Decided I like the green tea color of my office (it’s tranquil) but I want to add some lavender.
Fuzzy’s office will be the color of antique parchment.
The dining room is still undecided. I like the yellow base color, so if we get rid of the picket fencing and repaint the walls, it might work. It’s a sort of Tuscan yellow. Very rich. With the wood floors it will be marvelous.

– Plants:
Need to talk to gardener about putting a flower garden in front of the arch window, and trimming the shrubs.
Need to buy big pots for outside the living room and bedroom windows. Maybe citrus? I’ve heard there are varieties of lemon and lime that can handle Texas winters.
Need a large tree for the corner behind the couch. I will put my dragonfly lights on it, and it will be a good “nightlight.”

– Other:
Really need a chimney sweep.
And a general contractor for the ceiling plaster and front entry.