Writing Companions

I’ve mentioned before that when I’m writing, I like to have movies going on in the background. DVD’s of television shows work well, too, because one disc is good for three or four hours and there are no commercials.

Over the past few weeks, my “writing companions,” have included the second season of Forever Knight which not only featured an entire episode that kept calling back conversations about Scottsdale real estate, as well as some great commentary from Nigel Bennett and Geraint Wyn Davies, the entire 10th Kingdom miniseries which featured Scott Cohen (Max Medina in season one of Gilmore Girls as the Wolf, with dirty tail-stroking subtext, and, in honor of the season, another viewing of Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice, as well as my old standby The West Wing in which I’m half-way through season six, and finally own season seven, but refuse to watch it til I’ve finished six.

With the exception of Beetlejuice all of these choices are very conversation-heavy, which I like. It’s the cadence of human conversation that keeps me in the groove. Music or dance or too much action, and I get distracted.

4 thoughts on “Writing Companions

  1. I just saw the comercial for Beetle Juice and it is on cable today ( come tally man ). Hi Melissa I saw your work on writer blog and love your work ! Could you please e-mail me back at my adress, I can’t seem to get through to the one you have posted. I have a few writing questions for you.
    Thanks for you time

  2. I agree, I need something going on in the background when I’m writing. I usually just crank up my music play list on my computer and start writing away. It helps if I turn the ringer off on the cell phone for an hour or so as well.

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