Welcome to October…our weather is still cresting in the low nineties and we haven’t had real rain in over a week, but cool temperatures are approaching (cool for here) and it’s a new month, and I’m all inspired.

I spent the day with Season 4 West Wing on DVD playing while I wrote and did research. I prefer season one, but I finally have season 7 en route and thought I should watch 4-6 in preparation. I do like the debate camp episodes.

Yesterday, I moved all the games out of the cube in the kitchen so I could use the cube to store the bread machine and crock pot, so I could use their former home to store the baking tins that don’t fit in the drawer under the oven.

I’m trying to decide if I want to take a bubble bath now, or later.

And, because I forgot to mention it, I’ve now had both my 1500th and 2000th comments, and both those people will be getting thank-you trinkets. A formal announcement will happen later this week.

This is my random, unthemed entry because I’m trying to post daily, and it’s almost midnight.