And Now A Word…

Every business needs some kind of advertising. It could be print ads, television spots, radio commercials, or billboards, but modern businesses know that one of the most far-reaching methods of spreading their word is via the Internet. There are whole companies devoted to “webvertising,” media companies that make nothing but videos, and SEO experts that teach their clients how best to get their corporate sites ranked in Google, and out to the viewing public.

One such marketing firm, specializing in the market in the UK and Ireland, is, a “media broker” that offers everything from press release distribution to information on average radio advertising costs in your market of choice. While they work via the web, they provide services across all the media mentioned above, serving as a sort of advertising portal for their clients.

As well as serving the general business population via their marketplace, they also do one-on-one work with regular clients.

Not quite ten years ago, advertising to the web was “new media,” and people weren’t certain it would take off.
Now, new media traditional media are used in combination, for broad-based campaigns that put company names in front of us in as many ways as possible.

If you think about it…it’s really kind of cool.