Foggy Morning

Outside my bedroom window, fog dances above the surface of the pool, thick in some places, swirling streaks of thick and thin in others, misty and white and making the world feel chilly.

It is chilly. 59 degrees (F).
I had to turn on the heat last night, but this is mitigated by the fact that the temperature will creep toward 85 this afternoon, and I will end up turning on the a/c around 4 PM, but just for a little while.

* * * * *

The bed was too big last night, and I was cold, despite the warm bodies of Zorro and Miss Cleo. Why is it than when Fuzzy is home he is relegated to 1/8 of the bed, and there is never enough room, and when he’s gone there are vast acres of space, and too much?

I think there are weird bed physics that make the mattresses expand and contract depending on the number of occupants.

* * * * *

I’ve rediscovered radio. I go through phases when I hate noise, and stages when I want to surround myself with the spoken word. At times like this, I prefer radio to television because I can just listen to it, and don’t have to watch. I’m listening to NPR as I write this. Even when the news is bad, and nearly causes me to drop lead weights on top of the radio for delivering it, there is something comforting about NPR. It’s just so homey, unlike the ClearChannel clones that monopolize top-40 and even more alternative pop.

* * * * *

I am wearing a purple cotton tank top and my favorite purple, turquoise, and white “woof woof” pajamas. I like pajama bottoms, but prefer t-shirts or tank tops to traditional pajama tops. Always have.

* * * * *

I think it’s a morning for oatmeal and hot chocolate, rather than yogurt, toast, and coffee.

Happy Surprises

I love mail. Email is nice, snailmail is better. The nice thing about ordering stuff online, is that you get both – an email message telling you that whatever you ordered is en route, and then, just when you’ve had time to forget about the email, the actual item. The item, of course, is the best part.

Today I received an email message about some jewelry that I ordered, and a package from Possets, which comprised my first foray into non-BPAL perfume. I’ll do a rundown of the perfume later today (Tuesday), when I’m awake enough to sniff and analyze, but I have to say I love that Fabienne packs her perfume first into black satin bags, then into bubble wrap bags, then into lined envelopes.

And how can you not love a woman who names a perfume “froufrou” ?

Another happy surprise? One of my blog buddies gave my book blog an award. Watch that space for an announcement, because such awards are meant to be shared.

One final surprise? The wet grey day trickled into a cold night. Officially cold. When I took the dogs out for their evening elimination break, I could see breath in the air.

And I had to turn the heat on.

I love fall.
And happy surprises.