A Cold and Rainy Day

…may seem dreadful to many, but I’ve been waiting for this weather all summer, it seems.

Yesterday, knowing it would be the last warm day for a while, we hung the ghosts in the trees, and I strung up the Halloween lights. (Yes, we have Halloween lights. Our whole neighborhood does. Don’t you?) Today, I’m writing, and cleaning, back and forth between the stationary task and the suckful task, except, I sort of like cleaning once in a while. It’s cathartic, and I like the way the house looks.

I can write this now because Fuzzy’s safely at the airport, and should be boarding his plane in 20 minutes, but I might move furniture while he’s gone. Or I might not. Today though, I’m writing and cleaning and enjoying lamplight and candlelight, and the glowing ghosties, and the rain outside.

Mmm. Fall.