Cleaning the upstairs bathroom today, the one we really don’t use that much because the master suite is downstairs, I found a bunch of Clinique make-up in the medicine cabinet. I don’t wear Clinique any more, having switched to Aveda, but I opened the jar of base anyway, and caught a whiff of a familiar scent, and suddenly:

I was five years old and dressed as Pocahontas and my mother was dabbing base on my pale skin to make me look darker.

I was seven, and watching her do her morning make-up, staring into one of those pink plastic makeup mirrors that was normal on one side and flipped (pivoted really) to a magnifying mirror on the other.

I was ten, and had that mirror in my room, and I would stare into it and try to decide if I liked my eyes or not.

I was eleven, and calling my grandparents to tell them I had “become a woman.”

I was fifteen, and had dyed my hair for the first time, and the dye spattered the mirror when I rinsed it out.

I was twenty-one, sharing a mirror with my mother, as we got dressed for my grandfather’s funeral.

I was twenty-four, and doing make-up for my own wedding.

I was five and fifteen and twenty-five and thirty, and all ages in between and yet to come, and I was struck with a sense of home.

And I called my mother, and told her I loved her.



Following in the footsteps of one of my favorite web-witches, Hootin’ Anni, my newer blog-buddy Wakela Runen is passing along Halloween Treats to folks on her blogroll, and I was so treated. Thanks, Wakela!

These are the guidelines for bloggish trick or treat:

Each day up until Halloween [October 31st]
Hootin’ Anni will be handing out
a treat for 1 – 5[one to five] bloggers who drop by
during the week for visiting.
You’re more than welcomed to pass it along
to ones you think are deserving of a special treat
for the season.
Kinda like “Pay it Forward”
Y’know, one goodwill gesture deserves another?
But DON’T just choose your friends
making this cliquish and ‘just groupies’…
Make NEW friends by choosing random visitors!!!
It seems that ‘awards’ are floating around blogland
and just “blog friends” get chosen all the time.
Make it RANDOM!!

If you do decide to share it with others
link it back to my blog and
explain where the idea originated.

And these are the people I’m treating. There are more than five, because I know I won’t get around to posting this every day:

Becca of Becca’s Byline
CajunVegan of I Read Banned Books
Carmi of Written, Inc.
Dave of Utenzi Blog
Frank & Lisa of Notes from Zone 4
Gautami of Rooted
Herb of Herb Urban
Jeremy of Give Mama Some Sugar
Nat of The Capacious Hold-All
sister AE of Having Writ
The Synergizer of Miss Kitty Fantastico

(At least one of these blogs is one where I lurk, reading but never – or rarely commenting, others were chosen because they’re not getting the attention they deserve.)

Feel free to grab the image and pass on your own treats, but don’t forget to credit Hootin’ Anni if you do.

Fuzzy Logic

“We need to probably get rid of this suitcase,” he said several weeks ago, coming home from a trip.

The plastic innards had fragmented and were shedding inside, so there was no “probably” about it, but much as I love my husband, making definite statements is not his strong point. “Can’t you ever just say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’?” I ask him in exasperation.

He smiles and says, “Maybe.”

So the suitcase sat in the corner of the living room for a month, because moving it twenty feet to the garage, and then out to the curb would apparently be too much work. It’s not like it’s Samsonite luggage, or anything. It’s cheap canvas stuff from Big Lots, that was supposed to be $40/bag and we got for $10. It has lasted several years, after all.

With Fuzzy away, though, I have to keep busy, tire myself out, so that I sleep without all the normal house sounds spooking me. (The curse of an over-active imagination), so I’ve been cleaning, and that included taking the suitcase out to the garage.

He’s lucky, though.

I took his coat out of it, first.