Happy Surprises

I love mail. Email is nice, snailmail is better. The nice thing about ordering stuff online, is that you get both – an email message telling you that whatever you ordered is en route, and then, just when you’ve had time to forget about the email, the actual item. The item, of course, is the best part.

Today I received an email message about some jewelry that I ordered, and a package from Possets, which comprised my first foray into non-BPAL perfume. I’ll do a rundown of the perfume later today (Tuesday), when I’m awake enough to sniff and analyze, but I have to say I love that Fabienne packs her perfume first into black satin bags, then into bubble wrap bags, then into lined envelopes.

And how can you not love a woman who names a perfume “froufrou” ?

Another happy surprise? One of my blog buddies gave my book blog an award. Watch that space for an announcement, because such awards are meant to be shared.

One final surprise? The wet grey day trickled into a cold night. Officially cold. When I took the dogs out for their evening elimination break, I could see breath in the air.

And I had to turn the heat on.

I love fall.
And happy surprises.

2 thoughts on “Happy Surprises

  1. Owww yes, there is something special about snailmail isn’t there? Especially when it involves little goodies. Why do you think I joined a book club for??

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