I feel like the cobwebs I’ve removed from around the house with my trusty vacuum cleaner this week have somehow taken up residence in my mind, because even though it’s not quite eleven, I feel tired and groggy, as if my thoughts are as shrouded in spider silk and dust as the legs of the bar stools were before I went on my mad cleaning adventure.

The house is all sparkling clean, but I’m feeling muted and muzzy and I think I might actually turn out the light a bit earlier than usual, not even read before going to sleep, just curl up with the dogs.

It’s chilly in my room, but I like that. The heat is technically on, but the temperature is turned down pretty low because I don’t like to wake up hot, and I have flannel sheets on the bed, and the dogs are sweetly curled up on Fuzzy’s pillow.

I miss Fuzzy.

And the cobwebs are like gauze stretching from wakefulness into sleep.

3 thoughts on “Cobwebs

  1. You’ve reminded me why I like autumn so much. That snap of coolness feels so good. I’d rather pull on an extra sweater than feel hot to begin with.

    I had this little discussion with myself as I walked the dog in the late night breeze yesterday. I had my big warm wool trench coat on for the first time this season, and I had to sigh with happiness as I lifted the collar and buried my hands deep into the pockets.

    Dropped in from Michele’s as a refuge against a crazy working afternoon!

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