Silver Linings

I meant to post this earlier, but, now’s as good a time as any. Despite the sadness of my cousin dying a few weeks ago, there is a bright spot, which is that I got to reconnect with another cousin, Cathy.

Cathy is actually more like my older sister than any mere cousin. She was my best friend, babysitter, playmate. She inspired me, let me babble, answered all my questions, taught me how to use a Super8 camera, and gave me my first bra. We used to sing together, we used to catch lightning bugs together, and I haven’t seen her since my grandmother’s funeral in 2001.

I miss her.

Her kids were all toddlers the last time I saw *them*, and she was still in college. Now, the youngest is fourteen, and Cathy’s a real estate agent, and as many in that industry are right now, struggling a little.

But she’s fierce.
And I know she’ll survive.

I’ve made a personal resolution to call her once a week.

Just to keep in touch.

* * *

In other news, Aunt Peg is improving.

4 thoughts on “Silver Linings

  1. Hey..its good to make personal resolution to call..I made a personal resolution to call ‘x’ once every 2 weeks..but its hard keeping to it..hope u can keep it..

  2. That is great. It sounds like your cousin is a wonderful person :) I hope you manage to resurrect the closeness you had.

    I am also glad to read that your Aunt Peg is improving.

  3. Sorry to hear about your cousin. It is odd how death can bring people together and also tear them apart. My mother was really close to my grandad and when he died everyone turned against her appart from her sister who she never did get on with and now recieves frequent calls and visits from.

    Hope aunt peg makes a full recovery soon x

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