The problem with the creative personality is that if I don’t keep fairly regular hours, I get migraines. I also get them if I eat foods with MSG in them, don’t drink enough water, but it’s the funky sleep patterns that are the worst.

I went to bed at 11:30 PM on Thursday, was up before seven on Friday, and then stayed up til about 5:00 AM Saturday morning, after a day of writing, cleaning, and re-arranging the closet, with the help of the miniseries The 10th Kingdom, for company. (As an aside, if you haven’t seen this miniseries, which is from 2000 – do. It’s frothy fluffy fairy-tale with a twist, and Scott Cohen is wonderfully funny and sexy as Wolf. Well, sexy in a neurotic east coast guy with a tail sort of way. )

Anyway, Fuzzy finally got home around 10 on Saturday night, and I woke Sunday with a horrible headache that was making me see white and feel dizzy and crabby, so I slept through much of Sunday, finally dragging Fuzzy out around six for groceries (pumpkins and Halloween candy) and Jamba juice, and then I got home and called my mother to say hello.

“I’m thinking of having laser treatment for the fine lines around my lips,” she announced.

“Not Botox?” I asked. “It’s cheaper. Actually,” I added. “I need Botox for migraines. I saw it on a website, somewhere.”

We then talked about how migraines were more like cramps than wrinkles, but then I corrected, “Well, more like a charlie-horse than a normal cramp, so maybe it would work.”

The rest of our conversation was much gentler, and my head was starting to hurt, so I hung up, and then came to my cool, dark bedroom, where I read a bit, and watched a little bit of tv, and finally fell asleep around one, waking up with a slight cold, and a headache that, if not pounding, is still kind of pulsing.

I hate headaches.

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  1. Maintaining healthy lifestyles can be like a job constantly faced with so many choices – but your life just sounds like so much fun! LOL

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