Unconscious Mutterings #239

I say… And you think…

  1. Scrabble :: triple word score
  2. NyQuil :: drug store absinthe
  3. Roadtrip :: mobile sing-alongs
  4. Idiot :: summer
  5. Bandages :: Mummy
  6. Series :: World
  7. Summer :: in the city
  8. Prompt :: Coax
  9. September :: Morn
  10. Chicken :: Dance

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3 thoughts on “Unconscious Mutterings #239

  1. Ha, mobile sing alongs, that’s good. Although one time I took a roadtrip from northern New Jersey to South Florida via Toronto and semi-northern Ontario… with NO music! I was mooing to cows. How I accomplished so many hours and so many hundreds of miles, maybe over 1,000 miles, with no music, I do not know!

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