Photos on the Fridge

I am sitting today at my favorite wooden desk with the sunflower drawer pulls, staring through the bar window at the family photos on the side of the fridge. Why the side? Because the front isn’t magnetic.

Among the pictures are cousins at Sioux Falls, friends in Arizona with their young son, and Fuzzy’s family: nieces and nephews who are tall, blond and athletic (he is only blond). His family is so affectionate and relaxed that their picture makes me want to put a couple soccer goals out on the front lawn and invite all the neighborhood kids to join of pickup game.

I don’t actually own any sports equipment.

I have, however, been browsing because even though I don’t actually participate in sports, I like the equipment, and I’ve got fond memories of playing badminton over the chain-link fence in my grandparents’ back yard as a kid, or breaking out the whiffle ball set or playing stickball, and I miss those days.

SoccerGoalz, Inc doesn’t actually sell badminton stuff, but they do have portable Soccer Goals (go figure) that you can use on the lawn, or bring to the park, and they also have equipment for street hockey. Better yet, their prices are reasonable, and their shipping is only $10.

If you have a family of budding athletes, or just a big lawn screaming for weekend soccer games, SoccerGoals Inc has popup goals, and portable goals, to fit your budget.

Soccer balls, however, are not included.