Footprints in the Birdseed

I’ve been leaving a pan of birdseed out at night, and in the early morning, to sort of atone for the grief my younger, larger dog, Miss Cleo, gives the birds and geckos in our yard.

The first night I put it out, I found footprints in it just a few hours later – not bird-feet, but something obviously mammalian. I’ve suspected that we have a resident possum for a while, because I’ve heard barking, and seen a shadow about the size of my chihuahua, but definitely a rodent, shinnying up the back fence.

Fuzzy was away the first night I put out the seed, and it was nearly dawn when we finally connected via IM, because he’d been in the air, and then had no battery left on his phone.

“I love you,” I said to him in text. “I’m glad you’re on the ground, and I hope you sleep well. I’m going to bed now. There are footprints in the birdseed.”

It’s really cool to have a spouse who doesn’t think you’re completely batty when you make statements like that.

4 thoughts on “Footprints in the Birdseed

  1. Hi. I am just getting here from Michele’s. We had a possum, (or is it opossum) that sat on our front porch for 3 days. We used the backdoor. Ugly, furry thing.

  2. Possums can be such a pain! I remember we had one in our barn & the night my mother discovered it she told us & then showed us when it climbed out a hole in the side of the barn- when my father arrived home from work my brother- who was 3 at the time went running to him to tell him he saw a hippopotamus in the barn!
    Michele sent me to say hi!

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