Cheesy Melty Madness

We all (well, the female elements of ‘we all’) have cravings during that time of the month when we’re hormonal and our estrogen and progesterone seem to be at war with other instead of happily balanced. For some woman, it’s chocolate; for others it’s salty-crunchy foods.

For me, it’s cheese.
Actually, it’s cheesy melty things.
Actually, it’s Taco Bell.

Under normal circumstances I do not like food served in wrappers. Oh, I’ve succumbed to fries from McDonalds now and again (usually I eat two and give the rest to the dogs), but despite apparent ease, fast foods always leave me unsatisfied and feeling guilty for eating them.

But for the last few months, there’s been about five days during which the only thing I want is cheesy, melty badly wrapped burritos, or taco salads that sort of have beef waived at them, or their crunchwraps, which are just disgustingly good when I desperately need salt, cheese and crunch in one bite.

It’s embarrassing to admit this.
Especially since my parents live in Baja Sur, and so I know that real Mexican food is nothing like this stuff.
But sometimes, you just have to have it.
At least, I do.

It’s cheesy melty madness.