Alliterative Saturday: 0709.22

For those of you just tuning in, Alliterative Saturday is when I use alliteration as a jumping-off point for sharing the highlights of my week.

Autumn: It’s here, it’s here! Finally officially here! I always feel as if season changes should come with some sort of fanfare, with trumpets blaring, bells ringing and children singing silly songs. Instead, I will settle for the fact that even if the thermometer says it’s 91 degrees today, there’s a distinctly autumnal tone to the sun’s warmth. If it’s possible for there to be a “cool 91” as opposed to a “hot 91” (sort of like a long cup of milk) we have the former.

Apples: We bought Braeburns at the grocery store when we went shopping on Monday night, and last night I had one with some very sharp cheddar. Bliss in every bite. There’s something so perfect about the combination of crisp, sweet-tart apple and sharp, smooth cheddar. The dogs shared the snack and they agree.

Audio: I received in the mail a sample CD of “Mozart’s Greatest Hits,” with a little booklet of liner notes. Part of me thinks this is stupid and kitschy, but the other part thinks it’s quite a clever way to get classical music more exposure.

Artichokes: At that same afore-mentioned grocery store trip, I bought an artichoke. I love them, and almost never have them. I had to tell the cashier what it was, and he looked at it, and looked at me, then back at it, and his next words took my voice away. “I always thought,” he said, “that an artichoke was a kind of fish.”

Amusement: My writing companion for the past week has been one Nicholas Knight, vampire cop, as personified by Geraint Wyn Davies. I was a fan of the show Forever Knight when it was originally on over a decade ago, and we bought the first season DVD last year, but I wasn’t really in the mood for it. Right now, I am, because I like the accents, and it’s familiar enough that I can write to it, but I’ve finished season one, so now need to acquire seasons two and three, which are both out.

Angel: And speaking of DVDs, the box set of Angel is being released at the end of October.

2 thoughts on “Alliterative Saturday: 0709.22

  1. I love fall and I agree that it deserves fanfare.

    He thought the artichoke was a fish?! I’m afraid that he might think a pomegranate is a type of stone. Oy!

    Michele sent me today. Loved your post. Have a great day. Hi from Wisconsin!

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