I’d demanded sushi for my birthday dinner, so we went to a little Japanese place near the Irving Public Library, arriving before they reopened for dinner. No matter, there was a Half Price Books down the block, so we went there, flirted with having Indian food instead, then went back to Hanasho for dinner. I like it there, because it’s comfortable, low key, casual, and the music is generally cafe jazz and light standards, as opposed to club jazz.

While I often get Unagi Don (a bbq eel over rice) I chose a salmon, sashimi, and tempura bento box last night. Fuzzy had a bento box also, with beef and California Roll. I love bento boxes because instead of getting a huge amount of one thing, you get to taste many different things. Also, I like the compartmentalized trays. I’ve often wanted to bring a large bag to dinner, and steal a couple for use is jewelry trays (I don’t have a jewelry box, and really desperately need one), but that would be messy.

The rest of my birthday weekend was similarly satisfying: Stardust at the movie grill on Friday evening, a mani/pedi and eyebrow wax yesterday afternoon, and pink sneakers and a micro-SD card for my phone (the card, not the sneakers) from Fuzzy, not to mention breakfast with Ms. Eclectic this morning while we watched buff young men with colorful bandanas roasting Hatch chili peppers.

All in all, a great weekend.
And now?
A nap, followed by grocery shopping, dog food buying, jamba juice, and a quiet evening at home.

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  1. Happy belated Birthday, Melissa. My above comment was, of course, meant for the post above. Oops. I’m used to having the link for comments at the end of a post and forgot that yours are at the beginnng.

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