Thursday 13: 0708.16

Thirteen Things about MissMeliss
13 things that begin with N

  1. Napkins: I don’t like sticky fingers, so napkins are a crucial element of every table I set, and every dinner I serve. It drives me crazy when people don’t think to put them out.
  2. Nash, Ogden: One of my favorite poets, especially because he’s so silly. My favorite piece of his is The Tale of Custard the Dragon
  3. Nectarines: Peaches without the fuzz! Actually, they’re not quite the same, but I love them.
  4. Nesting: There are times when the best thing one can do for oneself is to withdraw for a while and just curl up on the couch with books and dogs and tea. This is nesting.
  5. New Jersey: I may be a little biased since I was born there, but it has the best tomatoes, the best corn, and some of the best beaches I’ve ever experienced.
  6. Nifty: In my effort to use the word “cool” less, I started using “spiffy” and “nifty.” It makes me smile when it rolls off my tongue.
  7. Night: My mind is most alive after the sun has gone down. I find myself wanting to write at three AM a lot, and curse the fact that I still have to engage in daylight activities to make money.
  8. Noodling: It’s doodling, but with music, or words.
  9. Northern Lights: Never seen them, always wanted to. They haunt my dreams.
  10. Notebooks: I like my moleskine, but my favorite notebook ever is a simple Mead college-ruled spiral notebook. They’re so un-pretentious that you don’t have to feel as though the words you put in them have to be good.
  11. Novels: I read many things, non-fiction, short stories, etc, but for losing oneself in a story, nothing beats a really gripping novel. Nothing.
  12. Noxzema: One whiff and I’m six years old and coated in sand and salt and sunburn. Instant time travel. Also, I really like how my skin reacts to it – even my froufrou Aveda doesn’t please me as much.
  13. Nutmeg: Grated over latte foam or eggnog, or ground for use in pies and muffins, nutmeg is one of my favorite “sweetening” spices.

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