It’s Not About the Margerine

I was watching Kate and Leopold earlier today because I often have movies on while I’m writing, whether it’s for work or my own stuff, and because a friend recently told me he left a university job seeking more money while he finally finishes his dissertation, and is soon to be taking a job involving market research.

I was watching the scene where Leopold (Hugh Jackman) storms off the set of the commercial Kate (Meg Ryan) hired him to make because he actually tasted the product, and found it to be revolting.

I really wish that instead of her tirade about how she needs a rest and had to pay dues and everything, that she’d have grabbed him by the lapels, and said, “It’s not about the margerine.” Because it’s not. It’s about the image.

I mean, who wouldn’t buy something – anything – that Hugh Jackman was selling?

Yeah, including me.

Monday Music Mambo – 0708.20

Today we’re going to make a Musical Lemonade. I’ll give ya “The Lemon Song” by Led Zeppelin, so now you tell me a song with the word:


Where do you enjoy lemonade the best? Out on the porch on a hot summer’s day. Tell me a song that would be appropriate for such a situation.

Sugar: “Sugar, Sugar” – The Archies
Water: “Water” – The Who
Ice: “Cold as Ice” – Foreigner
Lemon: “Lemon” – U2

And where do I enjoy lemonade best? Sitting out in the summer sun, could be on the beach, could just be on the deck. Lemonade’s a happy beverage though, so it’s got to be a happy song: “Walking on Sunshine,” by Katrina and the Waves.

You can Mambo too, by clicking here.