Monday Music Mambo – 0708.20

Today we’re going to make a Musical Lemonade. I’ll give ya “The Lemon Song” by Led Zeppelin, so now you tell me a song with the word:


Where do you enjoy lemonade the best? Out on the porch on a hot summer’s day. Tell me a song that would be appropriate for such a situation.

Sugar: “Sugar, Sugar” – The Archies
Water: “Water” – The Who
Ice: “Cold as Ice” – Foreigner
Lemon: “Lemon” – U2

And where do I enjoy lemonade best? Sitting out in the summer sun, could be on the beach, could just be on the deck. Lemonade’s a happy beverage though, so it’s got to be a happy song: “Walking on Sunshine,” by Katrina and the Waves.

You can Mambo too, by clicking here.

4 thoughts on “Monday Music Mambo – 0708.20

  1. Sugar: “Pour Some Sugar on Me” – Def Leppard
    Water: “Water Song” – Hot Tuna
    Ice: “Skating Away” – Jethro Tull
    Lemon: “Lemons Make Lemonade (the Bully Song)” – Mister Marc

  2. Great choices. I’d briefly considered “Sugar, Sugar” and “Brown Sugar” but “Blood Sugar Sex Magik” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers was more provocative, and I was in THAT kind of mood, so…

    Thanks for stopping by The Daily Snooze. C’mon back, y’hear?

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