Alliterative Saturday: Sleep, Strolls, Storms, Salsa, Smiles and Serenity

I’ve done so many memes by other people that I thought it was time to create my own. I therefore offer Alliterative Saturday, in which I pick a theme letter and summarize my day. Today’s entry is brought to you by the letter S.

I’ve been getting up with Fuzzy for the past few days, and taking the dogs out while he does his morning thing. This way, by the time we’re back, he’s done with the shower. Today, since we had no where to be before 7:00 PM, I still got up around seven, because nature was calling, but then I went back to bed, and fell into dreamland. I must have needed the rest, because when I finally woke up enough to get out of bed, it was nearly one.

Despite sleeping into the afternoon, the dogs and I still took our stroll around the neighborhood today. They’d been so good about letting us sleep, and they asked so nicely: Zorro sat on my lap and looked at the door, then looked at me, several times, until I got the point, and Cleo turned in happy circles when I asked her to find her leash.

I wasn’t expecting any rain today, but as we were driving into Dallas a sudden storm made its appearance. At one point, there was so much water on the road that our Forester was hydroplaning, but I was so excited about rain, that I didn’t care. I LOVE RAIN!!!

Fuzzy took me to Mia’s for Mexican food today, and the salsa was so spicy it did that thing where it whites out my taste buds and all I can taste is soap. I like salsa, but I prefer it to be savory, not spicier than hell. The carne asada was great, though, even if I did only eat half of it.

We went and helped out at CSz tonight, and I shadowed Mr. Voice. It was nice to watch from the sound booth, and also get a better flow for how sound should work. We opted not to go to dinner with everyone, partly because I’m tired, and partly because I really don’t ever want to go to Spaghetti Warehouse again. Ever.

While I never much cared for Firefly when it was on, and while I didn’t watch it when Fuzzy borrowed the DVDs from friends, and while I still never watched it when we acquired our own copies, I finally got into it a couple weeks ago, and so we’ve been slowly working our way through the series. It helps that I liked the movie, without having much cared for the series.