Unavailable. Inspired. Sleepy.

Had set myself unavailable to CSz this weekend long before I knew I’d be absent for all of June. I’ve promised Fuzzy, you see, that I’d reserve a couple weekend nights a month just for us, and really, I’m glad I did, because I was feeling burnt out and now I’m feeling excited again.

Today (Saturday), we slept late, puttered on computers, spent $115 at LoneStar Comics most of which was for ME. Wait. What?

Well, see, I’m still hooked on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight Comic, and I gave my unread copy to Ms. Eclectic because there was only one copy that day and I’d read it in MN, and so we went there to buy a replacement for me so I have a complete set.

And there was the Buffy year one comic book omnibus and I had to have it, and then there was the Harry Potter display and the Slytherin scarf was calling to me, and then there was this game (Ticket to Ride) that we’d been itching to try, and…well…Fuzzy got a book TOO.

We also went to Don Pablos where I had carnitas because the picture was drool-worthy, and this woman at the next table gave us a $5 off coupon because she had extras and they were about to expire. (The carnitas were delicious. I ignored the rice and had steamed veggies instead of beans, and ended up forgoing the tortillas, and just eating it all with a fork.)

And then Starbucks.

Then we came home for more puter-ing and puttering. And I wrote another chapter of my STTNG fanfic that has been on-hold since October-ish. You can read it here (chapter four is what I wrote tonight) or here or here, if you’re so inclined.

And now? Now it’s bedtime.

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  1. I was puttering around my old comments and thought, “hey, I haven’t been there in a while” so I came, ready your post and thought “how nice” but then I saw your shark week widget and now…I’m in love.

    I’ll be back but I have to go eddit my blogs theme now.

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