SPONSOR POST: Shoe Fly Don’t Bother Me: Dansko Shoes

Ok, so here’s the day where I engage in shameless promotion. Of course I wouldn’t do so if I didn’t firmly believe in the product. I’ve been walking around a LOT lately and figured I should inform you about Dansko shoes. Ordinarily, I’d throw on sneakers and go about my usual meandering. But being an adventure seeker, (or perhaps bored) I figured I should give Dansko sandals a try and see if I can do the same amount of foot travel outside my comfort zone. I had a pair in my closet (for market research of course), slipped one of them on and set about my day.

Granted I wouldn’t go hiking up a mountain in these, as I don’t believe Dansko shoes makes any open-toed hiking apparel. These were surprisingly comfortable and stylish for everyday activity. Too much like a sales pitch for Dansko shoes? Perhaps. But I did quickly acclimate to having these on my feet and also had the bonus experience of an added couple inches to my height.