Not a Good Day for Tech

I have not had a tech-friendly sort of day.

First, I broke my blog. I actually did the breaking last night, but thought it was just my laptop being all funky. I broke the blog by putting too many reciprocal link buttons and scripts in my sidebar, which freaked out the php editor, which ceased to process updates. I fixed it, after much cursing, this morning, by moving said links to a page labeled RECIPROCITY. Along with buttons, the Thursday Thirteen blogroll is on this page.

Then, I realized that while I did reclaim my cute pink ipod shuffle from Fuzzy before his trip, I do not have, nor do I know the location of, the dongle that allows one to connect to a computer for charging and/or refilling. This is only slightly frustrating, as my Zen Vision M, and my old Zen Micro are still floating around the house (I use the former of the two daily).

Also, my login for a website I need for work refuses to function, and then a password for a new work-related website also refused to function. Three passwords later I finally gained access but it was excruciatingly slow.

And lastly? Cable went out in the middle of Eureka tonight. I called them, and they had me on hold for fifteen minutes before I got to someone who couldn’t do anything. Oh she sent a reset signal to my boxes, but it didn’t help. She then said they could send a tech on Saturday. I explained that I work on the net and since internet was also down, that was a problem. Now, we all know that I have a redundant system for just such occasions (thank you AT&T DSL) but that really isn’t the point. (As it turns out, it’s area wide, and therefore a tech is working on it NOW, but it’s still part of my bad tech day).

So. Broken blog. No Dongle. Static instead of cable.

But the cherries are delicious.

On Tap

I hate my bathroom cabinets, and I’m not too fond of the sinks (I have two) or shower head either. Taps especially are a concern of mine. I mean, I like the bathroom itself – it’s spacious and has a window, and I like that the shower enclosure is completely separate from the bathtub, but the taps on the tub are old and kind of grungy, and the shower control has the hot and cold reversed.

Because of this, I spend a lot of time reading home decor magazines, and surfing websites for kitchen and bath fixtures, bathroom suites, and stuff like that. So far, I’ve learned that I really like those sinks that look sort of like ceramic bowls set into the counter, with gleaming chrome or copper taps arching above them.

I was at a site called, recently, and I saw a great faucet that was a tinted green glass disc, and the water poured down it. Functional, but artistic at the same time, this waterfall tap really intrigued me, but then I realized that it wouldn’t mesh with my house. Sadly, I can’t afford to redo my bathroom just now.

If I could afford to replace the fittings, I’d go to a site like Taps4Less. They mainly cater to folks in the UK, and offer free delivery to people who live in “mainland UK” (their phrase), and of course, that’s an ocean away from me (though not from some of you), but I really liked their array of designs for kitchens, baths, sinks and showers, and their brands include names I’ve heard of, like Hudson Reed and Mira.

The one thing I think would make their site stronger is an obvious way to search by brand, but the reality is that most people probably just want to see what things look like, and note the brand name later.

Still, has an impressive catalog of kitchen and bath fixtures, and I had great fun imagining some of their products in my bathroom.