‘Twas Grillig

Apologies to Lewis Carroll for stealing, and then changing, the first two words of “Jabberwocky,” but I couldn’t help it. I’m excited, you see, because Fuzzy and I just bought a George Foreman grill.

I like to broil or grill meat, more than anything, but we didn’t bring our big gas grill with us when we moved here almost three years ago, and we’ve never managed to replace it. Partly, this is because we keep meaning to redesign the deck in our back yard, and I have fantasies about building a brick grill out there and attaching it to the gas line (we have an outdoor gas spigot – is spigot the right word)?

But it’s the height of summer, and I hate using the stove to broil meat, and I’m trying to eat healthier so I dragged Fuzzy to Target the other night, and I bought the George Foreman thing for a whopping $29.99. (I also bought a $10 pink digital watch since both my Fossil watches are too sparkly for every day, and one has a dead battery, but that isn’t really important right now.)

We tried it the night we bought it – I grilled salmon fillets – and I was most pleased.

Tonight, I’m making hamburgers, which, typically, I don’t do well when attempting using the frying pan. Grilling is easier.