Sickness, storms, and state-lines are the three things that will define June 2007 for me. I still have the faintest cough, but only when I’m overtired, underhydrated, or stressed.

The dogs have mostly forgiven us for our absence – I think they actually enjoy the kennel, as there are dogs to play with and strangers to flirt with – but I know they’re happiest at home, and I’m happiest with my furry companions cuddled against me while I write.

Our property, our town, are not in any flooded areas, and yet, there’s so much rain that even I, who generally revel in storms, have become tired of rain. Even so, there were a couple thunder-cracks tonight that startled me and frightened my dogs. Poor puppies.

I’ve been to a bookstore for the first time in months, and have finished Ann “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” Brashares’s general fiction novel The Last Summer (of You and Me) which was beachy and lyrical in exactly the right ways for this time of year, and while there were sad events the overall tone was hopeful. Formal review will be on Bibliotica within a few days.

I have much to share, but no real urge to write it just now. I’m tired, I just feel tired, and all I want to do is sleep and read, and yet, I’m not drowning in weariness or anything, I’m surfacing.