Every time we go to a street fair or block party-type event, I always linger outside the tattoo booths. Oh, the tattoos are only temporary, but for someone like me, who wants body art but has commitment issues, temporary is the way to go. I look at the books of stencils, and the colors of the ink, and somehow it never registers that sitting in those booths isn’t just a hobby, but a business.

And then I learned about the Temporary Airbrush Tattoo Store, or (TAT) Store for short, just after reading the blog of a woman who does face painting, and I have to admit I thought it was cool that this place sells temporary tattoo designs, as well as airbrushes, ink, and everything else one might need to sit in a booth at a fair, and make some money.

I poked around the site, and was impressed by the information. First of all, there are way more stencils out there than you might think. Second, they have a forum for people who use their products. They also have a directory of artists so you can find someone to do airbrushing at your next event, should you need to.

I still can’t commit to a design, but the next time I watch one of those people doing airbrush tattoos, I’ll definitely ask them where they buy their supplies, and if they don’t know about it already, I’ll point them in the direction of the (TAT) Store.

Drama in Dallas

Ms. Eclectic texted me about an hour ago telling me to turn on the news. I did, and ever since we’ve been following this story about an industrial plant in downtown Dallas exploding. Literally.

Thankfully, Fuzzy, whose office is very near there, and whose route takes him through the intersection of I-30 & I-35 which is currently closed, was late, and decided to take his conference call from home today.

But now? Now he’s saying he plans to drive into the office.

I informed Ms. E. of this, and her response was a rather Shatneresque “Good. God.”

My reply? “Wasn’t there something about God protecting fools and little children? The operative word here being ‘fools’.”

More pragmatically, my mother simply advised me to make sure his life insurance was current.