Blogathon 2007

This is the first year in several that I am NOT participating in the annual Blogathon, the event in which bloggers agree to post new content to their blogs every thirty minutes for 24 hours (It works out to 49 posts and a lot of coffee and snacks.), and their readers sponsor them, pledging contributions to each blogger’s charity of of choice.

Even though I’m not going to stay up all night writing for charity this year (for a variety of reasons), I am participating in small ways.
I’ve pledged my support to a couple of my blogfriends who ARE participating, and for one of them, I’m even contributing a guest post.

I’m also pimping their sites. Please visit them, and pledge your support:

Blogger: Dreama
Blog: Again, I Said
Charity: GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network)

Blogger: Jessica (The Rock Chick)
Blog: Life is RANTastic
Charity: VH1 Save the Music Foundation

100 Bottles of Wine in a Rack

There are certain items that you buy for a home almost immediately: beds, tables, chairs, and couches, for example. Wine Racks generally come a bit later, after you’ve settled into a style and know what you want. I don’t need a special wine vault with temperature control, for example, because we just don’t go through that much wine. Oh, every so often I’ll go to a local import store and stock up on some favorites (I’m partial to shiraz and beaujolais), but really, we don’t need anything huge.

Surfing websites recently, I came across The Vine Store, an e-tailer that specializes in wine racks. What I liked about them is that they sport a Better Business Bureau badge on their front page, and they also promise a 100% guarantee of satisfaction. They clearly explain their shipping methods as well.

I wasn’t expecting to find out that not only do they sell small table-type wine racks for home use (I really like this one) they also offer wine coolers (the furniture, not the drink) and even cooling units in case you do need a vault.

I can’t justify actually buying a wine rack just now, but I know that when I’m ready, I’ll be heading to