100 Bottles of Wine in a Rack

There are certain items that you buy for a home almost immediately: beds, tables, chairs, and couches, for example. Wine Racks generally come a bit later, after you’ve settled into a style and know what you want. I don’t need a special wine vault with temperature control, for example, because we just don’t go through that much wine. Oh, every so often I’ll go to a local import store and stock up on some favorites (I’m partial to shiraz and beaujolais), but really, we don’t need anything huge.

Surfing websites recently, I came across The Vine Store, an e-tailer that specializes in wine racks. What I liked about them is that they sport a Better Business Bureau badge on their front page, and they also promise a 100% guarantee of satisfaction. They clearly explain their shipping methods as well.

I wasn’t expecting to find out that not only do they sell small table-type wine racks for home use (I really like this one) they also offer wine coolers (the furniture, not the drink) and even cooling units in case you do need a vault.

I can’t justify actually buying a wine rack just now, but I know that when I’m ready, I’ll be heading to TheVineStore.com

2 thoughts on “100 Bottles of Wine in a Rack

  1. I like shiraz, sirah and beaujolais, but I seldom have more than 2 bottles. Someone once gave me a rack that held 7 bottles, but it was empty most of the time. I like the way some of those look, so if I need to buy one in the future, I’ll know where to go. Michele sent me.

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