Thursday Thirteen: 0707.05

Thirteen Things about MissMeliss
13 things that begin with J

  1. Jade: I have several pieces of jade – mala beads, earrings, etc – I love the way it always feels cool against my skin, and I like the tranquil green color.
  2. Jaguar: Both the car and the cat – the former because I like speed and style, and this marque is known for both, the latter because they’re just so sinuous and sensuous and lethal.
  3. Jalopy: I first encountered this word in a Hardy Boys novel when I was six or seven years old, and I loved the way it rolls off the tongue. Now, I also love the romantic vision of piling in an old car for a beachward road trip.
  4. Jazz: There’s freedom to play in jazz that other forms of music just don’t have, and there’s also such a rich history of this uniquely American musical form. And my love of it has nothing to do with my secret celebrity crush on Harry Connick, Jr, either. Really.
  5. Jellyfish: I used to be afraid of them, when I was a little girl swimming at Ocean Grove or Sandy Hook and my mother would sweep her arm in the water and send them adrift, without ever touching them, but then I saw the jellies exhibit at the Montery Bay Aquarium, and I realized how very magical they are. Alien, but beautiful.
  6. Jetes: When I was very young, and enrolled in ballet classes, I learned that the most fun in the world, dance wise, is the jete. Those giant deer-like leaps across the stage are so much like flying.
  7. Jetty: At many of the beaches I spent time on as a kid there were long jetties of slate colored rock, slimy with algae and partly covered in sand and seagulls, and often smelling as much of tar as anything else…I always wanted to go the end and feel the spray of the breakers in my face, but of course I was never allowed.
  8. Jewelry: I’ve always liked dangly earrings, but it’s only in the past few years that I’ve really started to collect jewelry. A lot of what I have now comes from designers like she who goes by EvilAri on LiveJournal, and by Lucia whose work I fell in love with at a renaissance faire a few years ago. I like funky, original pieces more than shiny nice-lady stuff.
  9. Jolan tru: It’s no secret I’m a Trekkie. Or Trekker. Whatever. This phrase is essentially the Romulan equivalent of the Italian ciao or the Hawaiian aloha, and is defined as meaning “Good day” or “Good night” in the Romulan dictionary.
  10. Journal: I like blank notebooks themselves, as well as the act of keeping a personal journal. I prefer journals to diaries, as journals imply more adventure, exploration, and narrative. I also like reading published journals. Madeleine L’Engle’s Crosswicks quartet is a personal favorite.
  11. Juggling: I don’t know how to juggle – I’ve tried, but never very seriously – but it’s a skill that fascinates me to know end. I have great admiration for jugglers and jesters.
  12. Jukeboxes: Pop in a few quarters (nickels in the old old ones) and push a few buttons, and out comes music. When my college friends and I used to visit Mel’s Drive-in on weekends, we had a regular set-list of oldies we used to try and play in order.
  13. Jump-ropes: My grandfather used to make mine out of nylon cording, and he’d melt the ends on the gas stove so they wouldn’t fray. I loved them, and would spend hours on the front porch, or skipping rope up and down the driveway, often with my friends. Innocent fun. A fellow blogger mentioned jumping rope recently, and I’m keen to have one again.

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9 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen: 0707.05

  1. My kids just learned to jump rope this week. The kids at my son’s day camp were learning when I picked him up. He (6.5) managed a few jumps, but my 3.5 year old ran right in and did about 10 in a row on her very first try (which is much better than her old decrepit mom could have managed!).

  2. i love jellyfish :-)

    I’d Like To Be A Jelly Fish
    Cause Jelly Fish Don’t Pay Rent
    They Don’t Walk, They Don’t Talk
    With Some Euro-Trash Accents

    They’re Just Simple Protoplasm
    Clear As Cellophane
    They Ride The Winds Of Fortune
    Life Without A Brain

  3. Oh, I love this list. I am also a fan of jazz, journals, jumprope and the word jalopy, although I was not introduced to it by The Hardy Boys, but by my grandfather who would often say “get that jalopy out of my driveway.” She was talking about any car that was not her car.

  4. What a rockin’ list! And I agree with so many of them. Great site you have here — glad Michele sent me your way.

  5. Hello, Michele sent me! I too know how to juggle. Actually, I “know” how to juggle lots of balls — but I can actually only achieve it with three. Loved the list.

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