Strike the POSE

In IM chatter with the lovely and wise Sky just a bit ago, the subject of confidence came up. I said I needed more of it, she asked “what is confidence?”

We talked around the subject for a bit, throwing out elements. I suggested “faith,” which she accepted, and “attitude,” which she thought implied arrogance rather than confidence.

We agreed that confidence is grounded by something. She used the word “solid” and then the word “surety.”

“Surety.” Yes. I like this word. I said so.

She thew out words like “positivity” and “optimism” and there was a CLICK inside my head. You know the kind. The incandescent lightbulb of an IDEA beginning to form.

“Pose,” I said.

“Poise,” she countered.

“No. POSE.” And I explained:

Positivity. Optimism. Surety. Energy.


So. Strike the POSE.

3 thoughts on “Strike the POSE

  1. well that’s an interesting way to look at it though I thin that people who are really self confident have to be at least a tiny bit arrogant.

    here via michele

  2. Stopping by to say hello….

    POSE is a wonderful acronym! There are many people I work with on a regular basis that exude confidence. I think that some confidence can be, as Leigh in Atlanta suggests, viewed as arrogance. However, true confidence is simply a belief in oneself. There is truly nothing wrong with that, in fact, it is for many people, something to strive towards.

    Much like Janet, I have always thought of you as confident. Very much so, in fact. You are after all, positive, optimistic, sure of yourself in many areas of your life, and seem to radiate energy. You, my dear, know how to strike a POSE!

    I love your new layout!

    p.s. Thank you so much for participating in my special comment game that I posted several days ago, I truly appreciate it.

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