Thursday Thirteen – 0610.05

Thirteen Things about MissMeliss: Why I Love Autumn

  1. Crunching leaves, so much fun to shuffle through.
  2. Warm sunny days, and cool nights made for snuggling.
  3. With the change in seasons, I am always inspired to do more creative things.
  4. Sweatshirts come out of hiding.
  5. Neighborhood children are not playing in the streets to all hours.
  6. Pumpkin products become all the rage.
  7. Lamplit afternoons become more likely.
  8. New fall shows. I’m not a tv-holic, I’m researching pop culture.
  9. Perfect weather for mystery novels.
  10. I spend more time playing in the kitchen.
  11. The mosquitoes disappear. Eventually.
  12. The blogosphere seems to expand.
  13. Halloween.

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