Chestnut is my Signature Color

…at least it’s the new color of my hair, as of about 4:30 this afternoon. I spent the afternoon with Natalie at Aveda in Cedar Hill, having my hair unblonded and we chose a lovely chocolatey brown with deep red tones – aka “chestnut.” When were were looking at pictures of colors, I explained that I always felt most confident when my hair had red in it, but I wanted to go dark, this time. “Not too dark, though,” I added, “because with my pale skin color I look goth if it’s too dark.” She said, “I know just the shade,” and went to mix, and, as always, came back with a result that I loved, even if it did look rather like dried blood around the hairline while she was painting it on.

I love Aveda, even though they’re pricey, because they totally pamper you. When I go to the salon, I’m offered tea, water, iced tea, or wine (their “Comforting Tea” is the best). They bring me berries or shards of organic chocolate. When I’m their for a salon service, I get a fifteen minute chair massage for free. And even when I’m just getting a manicure, they do my makeup for me. Sometimes I buy stuff, sometimes I don’t, but they’re happy to do it, either way. Also, their products are all-natural, herbal, non-smelly, and non-toxic.

But this isn’t an ad, really. It’s me gushing about how much I love my new hair. I mean, even the guys in the troupe noticed it. How cool is that?

I finished just in time for us to hit Panera for a light lunch – my first food of the day – before heading downtown, where we didn’t do a seating chart, and things were chaotic because of it. The show was great though, and I owe Jenn big for working bar, because I just wasn’t into it (I spent a lot of time tying orange wrist bands onto our audience members, instead, as the woman who owns the building was charging a cover and was requiring the bands in order to enter the bathrooms). Downtown was a mess, btw, because it was Texas vs. Oklahoma weekend (Texas won), and while we had a late show scheduled, it was called at the last minute because there were too many drunken college students and not enough paying folk.

Instead, BigE took headshots of a bunch of us, for the website, tried to get me to do sultry looks, but that was destroyed because the guys were making me laugh, etc.

A bunch of us went out to dinner (well, not dinner, really, dessert) after that, and got distracted, until I looked at my watch and realized it was after one. My feet hurt, from wearing stupid shoes, and I’m tired, but I had fun tonight.

Tomorrow, Fuzzy’s brother arrives in town for a conference, and after that we’ll be road tripping to SoDak to retrieve things from the farm, and see everyone.

One final thing before I go to bed. There’s a meme going around LiveJournal (in particular) and the ‘net (in general) asking people to post something in their blogs if they believe in gay rights. I think the meme is stupid, because it states that if you don’t post it you must disagree. Bull. I’m not posting it because I refuse to accept that responding to a meme or not is in any way representative of my personal or political views. (And for the record, I’m for universal equal rights: male, female, gay, straight, Christian, Pagan, none of the above, or any combination: It Doesn’t Matter. As long as the common denominator remains “human” that’s all I care about.)

2 thoughts on “Chestnut is my Signature Color

  1. I love your perspective on rights. It almost seems as if you read my mind. I’ve never done a meme…likely for precisely that reason. I believe in following my own writer’s agenda, and my blog is the one place where I can do just that. Why would I want to allow others to dictate the direction and tenor of my writer’s voice?


    Coincidentally, I went to an Aveda spa at a resort a little over a month ago. It was a work thing – I won some employee-performance award – and I chose that over a golf tournament. It was totally neat, and I’d go back in a heartbeat.

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