Train Help

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Also, for those of you who’ve left notes, I don’t have the bandwidth to reply – every time I try I time out – so I’ll do so when I’m home on Monday.

I know someone among my flist is a model train afficionado, but I don’t remember who. So this is a general plea.

In the brooder house at my husband’s family farm, we found a metric assload of old model trains. The vast majority of it is standard HO stuff, but there are some larger engines (O or N scale I think?) and track, and I can’t really identify them. Some of the track is three-rail with the middle rail being ‘live,’ like the old Marklin and early Lionel models, and then some is larger than HO, and two rail, but tall.

I’m fairly certain none of it is valuable, especially after sitting in a mouse-infested chicken coop for 20 years, but I’m curious to know what I have, because the metal trains are worth restoring, even if just to play with. And I was wondering if the three-rail compatible engines would run on the Marklin track I already own.

Can anyone help?