I walked between raindrops,softly falling cool pinpricks barely wet, but delicious, and stirred up a storm of butterflies with rust and mustard and cream wings all a flutter around me, a beat, then two, then a pause to drink in delicious sunshine, all of us filled with glory and wonder and the love of autumn hues.


I feel whimpery, which is like feeling whiney, only less emotional and more pathetic.

I spend the day nursing the headache from hell. Less than a full-blown migraine, more than a conventional headache, but finally, around nine PM the queasiness from the last three days dissipated. Head still hurts though, and I’m incredibly tired. Like, narcoleptically.

The other week at dinner we were talking about bananas as a cure for headaches (I knew they helped cramps but not headaches), and W mentioned that they’re also the best food to eat when you need to eat something but feel queasy (or as he put it, ‘best throwing up food’), not in terms of stomach cushioning, but because they taste the same going down as coming up. I can now report that he was right.

You really wanted to know that, didn’t you?

Caught the pilot of Heroes tonight. Got the biggest kick out of the Japanese guys constantly referencing Star Trek. I think the show has potential. At least, I enjoyed it despite the headache.

Am now forcing down mint tea and water before returning to sleep.
Oh, and half-watching The Princess Diaries on DVD.

So, what happened was…

I’ve been pretty much offline since late late Thursday as I’ve been feeling crabby and vaguely nauseous, and why yes, it IS about time for a visit from a certain aunt who isn’t an aunt, thanks. Chocolate and bananas seem to be helping in small doses. I’m suddenly craving puffy Cheetoh’s though, and that’s not a food I generally like to indulge in. Food just shouldn’t BE that color orange.

Friday I slept a lot, feeling too queasy to be upright most of the day, and since Fuzzy was working from home, it seemed to work. I paused to make canned ravioli for his lunch, and had a tiny bit myself, which was not wise. At the last minute I decided I wanted to go help out at Comedy Sportz even though I felt like crap, and so I went, but Fuzzy didn’t stay, opting to go to his office and work on the crisis that had kept him in the house all day. I wore my spiffy purple and green plaid iridescent velvet bebop cap and worked bar, and made $3 in tips, which seems like nothing, except we don’t generally get tips at all. Coincidentally, the parking garage fee, after validation, is $3. The show was low energy, though. It was weird, actually, because J. opened the door for Fuzzy and me and was happy and singing hello, and then something seemed to suck the life out of the theatre. Everyone on stage was technically proficient, but they, the audience, and the sound booth personnel were all really subdued. Notes were brutal, and people essentially FLED afterwards, though a few of us hung out in the parking garage and chatted for a while.

Saturday, slept til ten, noodled on the computer, read, napped more, went to Panera for crispani and soup, then to PetCo and then to CSz, where I got to play. I felt queasy, still, and a little off-kilter, and made stupid mistakes, but had fun. It wasn’t MY greatest show, but it was a good show, I think. We all had fun. There was a little kid in the audience celebrating his birthday, and he and his friends suggested “Virgil” for everything: two syllable female name, dead celebrity, object to be used in lieu of clothing. By the time we got to STORY in the second half even the audience was sick of Virgil, so when an adult yelled “Virgil’s Not Here” as a snarky response to the kids, that WAS the story, and BigE killed Virgil in the first round. Defiantly. Demonstratively. Earlier in the match, I played “Blind Musical Comedy” for the first time, and while I’d have been better had I clarified things I didn’t think to clarify, rules-wise, it was fun trying something new. We ran long though and when E. called me at 10:30 to find out where we were eating, we were still in Notes. There’s a core group of us who go to dinner most nights after shows, and while it was a smaller group than usual last night, it was fun.

Today, we were up at dawn for church (choir rehearsal at 8:30 when you didn’t get to bed til 2:00 is really really difficult), and elected not to say for the luncheon – I was feeling too crabby and tired to be nice to people – we came home and rested a bit, and then went out to Cracker Barrell for completely unhealthy food (eggs, bacon, cheesy hash browns, and waffles), then to Barnes and Noble, where I bought the cd version of “Free to Be You and Me,” just because I loved it when I was a child, and was tickled that it was out.

Back home after that, for more rest, and then to workshop, where I spent the entire warmup hoping no one would make me HOP during Bippity Bippity BOP, and trying not to puke. I didn’t start feeling better til about fifteen minutes before the end, but I had fun, even so. We workshopped Good, Bad, Worse, and I tried a new character, who needs refining, and then Irish Drinking Song, which was So. Much. Fun. But then, I always love the musical games.

Dinner after that was chaotic and fun, as many of us trouped over to Spaghetti Warehouse, place of many leftovers. The conversation included comparisons of the Georgian, Chinese, and Jewish calendars, new tv shows (many of us are curious about Heroes), Grand Unification Theory, and Intelligent Design, among other tangents. I love this eclectic and intelligent group of people.

And now? I am home. I have an infected ingrown toenail I’m medicating, and I’m still a bit queasy, but I’m glad I forced myself to go do stuff, because it was a good distraction and I learned from it. Bed soon.

Pigeons and Precipitation

As Fuzzy was preparing to leave the house for work this morning, I heard him declare, “It’s Thursday,” which was relevant because Thursday is garbage and recycling day (as opposed to Monday which is garbage day but NOT recycling day) and we’d forgotten to put out anything. He quickly did so, then came into the bedroom and said, “We have another problem. There’s a bird in the house.”

“Is it dead?” I wanted to know, because Miss Cleo has developed a habit of killing birds lately, and leaving them displayed prominently in the middle of the living room floor.

“No, it’s alive.”

And thus began a half hour process of closing doors and curtains, and of Fuzzy first using a broom to get the bird of the windowsill 20 feet above the living room floor, and then, because it retreated to the crevice between the wall and the entertainment center, poking it with a stick until it was somewhere he could reach it. (By ‘stick’ I mean, the non-brush end of the broom handle, and by ‘poke’ I mean in a completely humane manner, of course.)

“Do we have rubber gloves?” he asked me.

“No,” I answered in my what-a-stupid-question-we-never-use-rubber-gloves tone. “Why?”

“I want to protect my hands. In case it has diseases and things.”

I’m uncertain as to exactly what ‘things’ a pigeon (well, it might have been a dove) is likely to have, mites, maybe, but I’m fairly certain that rubber gloves would not be much protection. Still, I offered, “I can give you a large Ziploc bag.”

This seemed to do the job, for five minutes later, Fuzzy had the bird in hand, and released it into the trees. He washed his hands – twice – kissed me, and set off for work.

I settled down to drink coffee and nibble on a toasted English muffin and watch the clouds for a while. I wasn’t expecting actual rain (though in any place other than north Texas the cloud cover would have guaranteed it), but we actually did get some real rain – not a lot – but some, before the wind blew the clouds away and replaced them with a relentlessly blue sky.

I vaguely recall there being a tornado watch, as well, but I wasn’t really paying attention to that.

We spent the evening out, indulging in a trip to Don Pablos for queso and chicken (mine was grilled, Fuzzy’s was in a chimichanga), and then came home and puttered on our respective computers. He went to bed at midnight, and I’m on my way there NOW.


Vague title, but it’s the best I can do tonight.

Just sent off articles number 3& 4 of the first five I was sent for a freelancing gig. Have one more to do, but my eyes are gluey and I didn’t sleep last night, and it’s just going to have to wait til early in the morning. Actually, they feel like they did when I still wore contacts and had conjunctivities. Antihistamine and preservative-free eye drops are helping.

Did not talk like a pirate today, as only conversations were with people buying property in Mexico. Was handed a million dollar deal. Commission will be about $10k if it closes. Please let this client not have extensive tax returns like the last one.

Yelled at TiVo for not having the new Time Warner lineup already synchronized. They claim it’ll be 3-5 days before they upgrade, which renders TiVo useless during premier week, as our channels are all moved around. Must remember to watch Project Runway in real time tomorrow as Bravo is an affected channel. Very frustrating. I mean, TWC has only been reminding ppl about the change for a month.

I barely slept last night. I think I turned out my reading light around four, and then Fuzzy woke me at eight-thirty, getting ready.

I’ve been having dreams that we live on an island. Or the shore. Near a lighthouse. I wish we did.

Bed now.

Sunday Morning Musings

Sleep was fitful from about 2:00 on. For a while Zorro was curled up in my armpit, but then he wasn’t and I kept thinking, in my sleep-befuddled state, that he’d disappeared somehow. As in vanished from existence. Miss Cleo was being good – for her – no pushing higher and higher on the bed, nudging the humans into her preferred congfiguration, just staying tucked into a black and white ball with her head on my feet.

Rolling thunder and lightning flashing in my window woke me about five, and I realized I was sweaty, and kept thinking I needed to ask if it was safe to shower when there was lightning, which normally would never have occurred to me. My mind was really zooming to different places in the wee hours. Zorro was unphased, but Miss Cleo pushed her nose into my hand, and dug at the covers till I let her under – she doesn’t like storms.

At one point I was dreaming about a pair of red shoes that were more comfortable than anything, heels, and made me feel pretty, and that I wanted to wear them, but they were just too garish with all the outfits I was considering. “What if I changed the top to my fluffy red sweater?” my dream-self asked her mother. “It’s not even October, yet,” came the reply. It should be noted that while I wear heels once in a while, I don’t own red ones, and I would never seek justification to NOT wear flats. I live in flats. Flats are safer.

Have developed odd addiction to Pop-Cap’s ZUMA. Smashing those spiralling balls into oblivion is a really good stress reliever. Also, it’s kind of zen. No, really.

This morning, around six I escorted Zorro Dogg and Miss Cleo to the yard for their morning rituals and noticed five tiny geckos on the wall near the sliding door, their silvery skin and shining eyes looking like art etched into the rain-damp bricks. Miss Cleo didn’t notice them, and I’m glad.

It’s 7:23 and we’re off to church as soon as I figure out what to wear, and stop at Starbucks. I’m tired and crabby, and don’t really want to go, but singing in the morning always makes me feel better.

Shameless Plug: ComedySportz DFW

The following is a public service message for DFW denizens desperate for quality entertainment.
(MissMeliss’s Performance Nights with ComedySportz: Friday 9/15, Saturday 9/23, Friday 9/29)

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The ComedySportz Arena is located in the West End MarketPlace on the first floor

ComedySportz Arena
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Dallas, TX 75202

(Flyer text stolen from Jill)


– TNG fanfic has been posted on It’s the first of 100, and un-beta’d.

– The argiope is fine – apparently she hid in the trees after Miss Cleo broke her web, and waited a day to come out again.

– I’ve spent the day with a marathon of Project Runway running on the periphery of my attention. 15 minutes into tonight’s episode, my mind was already so blown I had to post to LJ.

– My story idea for ATG was approved, now I just have to catch up with my interview subject, and see if she’ll give me something to submit as well.

Toasted Cheese is holding their fall short story contest next weekend. Theme is sci-fi/fantasy. It’s a timed writing contest – 48 hours start to finish. I’m thinking of entering. Maybe.

Things I Didn’t Write About

I’ve been feeling sort of mute lately – reaction to being molested by mosquitoes, reaction to the slow but tangible change in the weather – even when it’s 90 there’s a hint of autumn beneath the heat now.

I didn’t write about 9/11 – but then I never have – because there are far more eloquent tributes written by others, and because I don’t like to dwell on the maudlin, and because I believe that filling the media with stories about it only lends power to those that caused it. Which isn’t to say that we shouldn’t remember, I just don’t believe it needs to be so public. I think what Rana and Carmi said are better than anything I could say, anyway.

I didn’t write about the 40th anniversary of Star Trek, because I forgot, and then because I didn’t have anything punchy to say. (I did, however, almost buy some TNG action figures at LoneStar the other day, but they didn’t have Data or Geordi, so I opted not to.) If you want to read a great TrekDay post, head to Wil Wheaton’s blog – the first two lines are the best.

I didn’t write about Cleo’s new habit of bringing in water bugs (known as cockroaches in less gracious parts of the world) and depositing them ON MY BED. And I didn’t write about the way she barrelled through the argiope’s web, causing me to be worried…about the SPIDER.

I didn’t write about the fact that I’m itching to bake, and have no one to bake for.
And I didn’t write about the customer service at Chase being the worst on earth.
And I certainly didn’t mention that I posted my first entry for fanfic 100 at LiveJournal, and that I’ll consider posting it to if people want to read it.

There are lots of other things I didn’t write about, too. But those were the key elements.